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52nd Annual Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet

June 26 - July 2, 2016

Warwick, Rhode Island


The 52nd Annual Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet will be held in Warwick, Rhode Island at the Crowne Plaza Providence-Warwick.

The Meet is sponsored by the Ocean Bay Chapter (MA and RI) with assistance from the Nutmeg Chapter (CT) and the Tri-Spokes Chapter (NH, VT, ME).

Getting There

Warwick is 10 miles from Providence, RI, 60 miles from Boston, Massachusetts—or Cape Cod, 170 miles from New York City, and 870 miles east of South Bend, Indiana.  Highway access via the Interstate system is excellent, but there are also good alternate back road routes for shun-pikers.  T.F. Greene Airport has good connections to many cities, and Boston’s Logan Airport is an alternative, as well as having international flights.  You may want to combine your trip to Warwick and Providence with a visit to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, or other New England cities and towns.